Jefferson Street Counseling & Consulting is an innovative team of experienced mental health professionals. An outpatient facility with a focus on health and wellness, we provide short and long-term therapy for individuals, couples, and families. While mainstream in our therapeutic interventions, we pride ourselves on our responsive, ethical, and clear professional relationships with our clients. We are an eclectic blend of therapists, consultants, teachers, trainers, supervisors, and expert witnesses.

A variety of resources are available to children, teens, and adults at Jefferson Street Counseling & Consulting. Business and educational consultation, classes, therapy, educational groups, and professional workshops enable the public to access the talent, skills, and resources available here.

As working partners, we enjoy friendly, playful, and gracious interactions with each other as we are with our clients. A positive working climate encourages each of us to provide a thorough and conscientious commitment to therapy and consultation while also remaining committed to our health, families, and outside interests.

Independent of each other, yet mindful of the necessity and benefits of regular case consultation, we are dedicated to providing for our clients the least intrusive therapeutic intervention with the most effective results.