Family Matters Child-Centered Custody


The current model used by lawyers, courts and mediators to determine custody invariably weighs children’s voices less heavily than parent’s wants and needs. This failure to consider children’s wants and needs, as well as their developmental and emotional stages, often results in adverse outcomes for children, such as mental and emotional distress, substance abuse, and academic decline.


The entire family will meet with both therapists for an initial intake. Depending on your unique situation, there will be between 3-5 follow-up appointments where both therapists will meet with each individual in the family.

After these follow-ups, the therapists will create an individualized report with therapeutic recommendations, based on your family’s unique situation and balancing each family member’s wants and needs.

The family will then follow-up with the therapy team once a month for 3 months, then again at 6 months, and finally at a year.


How much does custody litigation typically cost?
Litigation can be extremely costly, as each parent must hire an attorney to work on their behalf in the court. The complexities of each case are unique, but current averages suggest that a family law case may cost anywhere in the range of $15,000 – $35,000+ to litigate.

How long do custody battles typically last?
There is no average time period for custody litigation, although many take months to years. These are often years that are particularly formative in a child’s development, which is why Family Matters offers a supportive, cooperative, and therapeutic child- centered environment.

What is included in the therapeutic custody recommendation report?                                 The recommendation will provide specifics within a custody agreement. This program allows for a process to unfold in developing an exchange that works over time. Custody is a challenge for everyone concerned. Having a developmental model allows for growth and change.

Who is on the therapy team for Family Matters? 

Lorn H. Adkins and Shirley A. O’Neil each bring many years of parenting knowledge and expertise to the Family Matters team. Click on their bios to learn more!

Why should I consider Family Matters instead of mediation, a court-ordered home study, or just letting the judge decide?
Mediation is trying to find a point where both parties agree. Our program allows for input from everyone and then creates a developmentally appropriate recommendation.

In stark contrast to the court model, this program allows for change to occur in a more expedient manner. Court ordered home studies operate under a “one and done” model, and offer no room for growth or on-going participation.

Also, consider this: as a parent during a home study, you have no idea what the home study evaluator is thinking, or what their personal beliefs are about parenting or custody. Again, Family Maters is a process in which the concerns of all parties involved are shared.

What is the cost?                                                                                                                                           For a personalized quote, please call us at (208) 385-0888.

I’m still not sure. What’s the real difference between Family Matters and other models?                    The big difference in our program is that it is developmentally driven with participation by all parties- including the children. The recommendations provided by the therapy team are not just a “one and done” format, but rather a process where parents continue to communicate in the best interest of their children, making compromises as they always have.

If one considers the time, the on-going participation, and the financial savings, making an active decision to remain parents who are involved in making a dynamic choice that will effect the lives of their children in a serious, on-going way, seems easy.

And really, wouldn’t you want to make the decision for your children to remain within an environment where you can actively participate?

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